Bill Whitson

"I was saved at the age of 15, came from a good Christian background raised in church. Fell away from God, got out of communion with God, tried to replace God with drugs, alcohol, and relationships.

Praise God, his grace is sufficient. No pill, K2, Bath Salt, no synthetic can replace the authentic Jesus Christ."


~ Bill Whitson

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Brittanie Haynes "I grew up in Church but had let the things of this world overtake my life. Making bad decisions I used marijuana, alcohol, pills and meth. I would do anything to get high. I was nothing but a broken piece of clay but God did not throw me away.

On September 2011, I rededicated my life to God.


I could not imagine not being able to go to heaven and see Jesus and hear well done my good and faithful servant.


I have been attending small group meetings at Tri-Cities Recovery for support."


~ Brittanie Haynes

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"Even though as a young teenager I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I struggled with depression, drug, and alcohol abuse. Throughout my life, time after time my lifestyle repeatedly destroyed my family, finances, jobs, and self esteem. I made promises to myself, family members, and God that I would quit the old life styles and become a better person. Each time unable to keep my promises because of the strongholds that the drugs, alcohol, and sin had in my life. Each time lowering my self-esteem and a greater sense of failure as a husband, father and as a person in general.

On October 17, 2010, I attempted to take my own life. The devil had me convinced that it was the only way to be free from the pain I was going through and what I was putting my family through.

I have now chosen to make my Savior Jesus Christ not only my personal Savior but the Lord over my life.

The things I destroyed through the sin in my life are now being restored thanks be to God, my loving wife and children. Tri-Cities Recovery has provided me with support and insight on strengthening my relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ."


~ Jamie

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 Cody and Amanda

"Our marriage was on the rocks and we had just had a newborn son. I was a very angry person and Cody, a pain pill addict, had just been released from jail. The lies, fighting and dishonesty were tearing us apart.

We had finally had enough of the mess and decided to get in touch with Tri-Cities Recovery. They helped to guide us in the direction of how to accept Jesus as our savior. It has truly been a blessing to go from not having the Lord in our lives, to him being in our lives. And, we give Him our utmost thanks for bringing such joy and peace into our lives."


~ Cody and Amanda

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 Vickie Booker

"I was raised in church, never made Jesus Christ as my Savior. Got hooked on pot, oxycontin, heroin, crystal meth, cocaine. Went to methadone clinic for 3 yrs. Diagnosed with Hepatitis C, was hooked on the needle for over 15 years.
Gave my heart to Jesus, made him Lord of my life. He set me free, filled me with the Holy Spirit. I have been clean for 3 years and 6 months. I am healed of Hepatitis C. God has restored my heath, hope, peace and joy. I have been taking classes with Tri-Cities Recovery for the last 3 years."


~ Vickie

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"At age fourteen I tried marijuana for the first time and at the time I had no idea that I had opened a door that would lead to a life of misery and hopelessness. When marijuana was no longer enough I moved on to cocaine and then to Oxycontin and heroin. I was in and out of rehabs and mental hospitals for over 10 years. I went to a methadone clinic for a while and was on Suboxone for 2 years and have been prescribed almost every psychiatric drug available. Finally, I ended up strung out on bath salts. I was empty inside and I was on a self-destructive course and all I saw in my future was death, prison, or a psychiatric ward. I knew I was separated from God and that He was the only one who could possibly help me but I was convinced I was too far gone. With nothing left to lose I cried out to Jesus to save me and have mercy on me. Not only did He forgive me but I became born again and He has been at work in my life ever since. God's grace is more than enough for me. Because Jesus died for my sins and rose again, I am not only free from the shackles of addiction but am living in total freedom and victory."


~ Joseph

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"First and for most I want to thank God for saving me. I became dependent on pain pills and they took over my life. The pills controlled my life and I lost everything. I decided that I had nothing left to live for and tried to take my own life. By God's grace he spared my life. God, my family and tri-cities recovery have helped me to break the chains of dependency. It is amazing what God will do in your life if you only turn your life over to him and allow his works to be done through you."


~ Brent Hagy